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The best of the best

This is the best whipping cream dispenser there is on the market easy to use great quality

Great torch!

Great torch - easy to light, safe to use! However the QR code provided doesn't seem to function to register the torch or to receive the free recipe eBook as stated, which is disappointing.

No product yet.

There was a problem with my order, so it was not filled until May 25th, I believe. I have not received the product yet. Sorry, unable to give a good rating at this time.

Never received it.

Never Received Product!

Placed my order 14 days ago, got an email saying it shipped the same day but I was not provided a tracking number. Still have not received the product and I am very disappointed with this company. Cannot even call customer support since they are closed all weekend. Will instead be purchasing a whipped cream dispenser elsewhere.

Doesn't light

Everything seemed simple enough until I tried to light it. It won't light. The trigger doesn't provide a spark to ignite the fuel. It seems to far away to function properly. Very disappointing.

Nice slick look

As described just recommend you buy a metal top part, since it only comes with plastic ones.

Super fun replacement for disposable whipped cream

We discovered homemade whipped cream several years ago, and we've loved it. What we didn't love was having to scoop whipped cream out of the blender and cleaning up after. Had know idea whipped cream dispensers like this one existed until we saw one at a restaurant. Super cool!We ended up going with this one based on reviews and the right balance of quality parts and price. And the reviews were right! It's really high quality. And the taste is great!

Quick and easy

Had to have a torch to make Baked Alaska. Worked perfectly! Super easy, just what I needed.

Very powerfui - A bit quirky

You have the opportunity to exhaust vast amounts of butane on the highest setting. Does a great job on sous vide meats. The flame is far more powerful than the last one of these things that I had.The mechanics ARE a bit awkward. My prior flame thrower had a slider to adjust the the flame, Igniting the gun turned on the gas at the preset flame level. With this you have to first turn on the gas with a knob which has a safety latch. Then you spark the gas for a flame.In other words it's two steps instead of one. I suppose that it makes the whole thing safer and I am more interested in the performance than the triggers.There is no separate setting to hold the flame on - as there is with most of these devices. Ignite it and it stays lit until you turn the gas off.

You have to clean it properly

From the very beginning, I had a problem with this NOT working after the FIRST successful 'squirt'. Nothing would come out after that, and I was wasting gas and cream. Then I reached out to the seller, and they sent me specific steps to try, which I did, and now everything seems right.The "fix" was to remove the pressure valve stick to clean it completely in order to make sure it was not clogged (which it apparently was), and also to remove the dispenser tip adapter (the metal ring that the tips screw on to) completely so that from the inside of the lid you can pull the pressure valve stick out. There are two holes on the pressure valve stick that you can clean with the included brush. These components need to dry and then you can reassemble the whipped cream dispenser by placing the pressure valve stick back in place and screwing on the metal ring, making sure the silicone gasket is in place before use.Seller also recommended that you mix any added ingredients into the cream in a separate bowl before putting it into the dispenser to allow for any solids to be dissolved and dispersed completely to prevent any potential clogging. I don't think that was part of my problem, because the only thing I put in the dispenser is cream, liquid stevia, and vanilla, but I went ahead and did it anyway.The good news is, NOW it works perfectly - EVERY TIME I use it, and I appreciate the seller working me through this fix!

Good Quality!

I was impressed by their customer service. I got an email after I got my order but didn't use it right away. Once I got my butane and filled it up, it wouldn't ignite but I was able to use it still by manually lighting it. Complained about and they replaced it right away. This little thing can do a lot of stuff. I can blacken my favorite without burning it and my daughter made her first creme bruIee perfectly. I highly recommend it.


2nd one I purchased. Reliable until dropped in fire.

Great purchase

Great purchase. Easy to use.

easy to use

I love to make my own whipped cream, this is so easy to use!!

Customer service is on point!

Initially, I got a torch and it did not work after a short period of time. They reached out to me after I wrote a review (they didn�t have to do this) and offered a brand new one to me at no cost. I received the new torch and it has worked perfectly. I am not only now happy with their product, but super impressed with their customer service. If I ever need another one, I will be using their company.

Such a fun tradition to adopt! Kids love this!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. �I have a friend that grew up having on of these and it is her family tradition! I knew them my kids would love to adopt the tradition so as I was searching and reading reviews, this one seemed to be great! We love it! We had trouble getting the n2o to puncture so I put a paper towel behind it in the casing and it worked perfectly! I�m new to this so maybe I need to look for bigger n2o�s! Other than that� it is superb! Has a couple whipped creme recipes and we love using this on pancakes and hot chocolate- and just spraying in our mouths (of course). Such a fun product!

Works only one day

I filled it and used it one evening for three dessert toppings. Removed the tip and cleaned the outside of the valve and put it in the refrigerator. Came back the next day and it was only a very slow frustrating trickle. Couldn't 't get it to come out any faster. Removed the top and it was still pressurized so cream came out the edges when I loosened it up. It appears to be clogged but I used the brush included.UPDATE: So it turns out that I shook it too many times per the seller. I made another batch and it worked great.

Easy to use

I bought this to use on my creme brulee. It was easy to use but it has to be made clear that you have to buy the butane at your local store since it can't be shipped to you. I had no problems with it.

Well worth the money!

This is a really nice product. Easy to use and works great every time.

Pressure Valve Stick
Mike Waterman
Unseen item

I will review WHEN I receive it ! Have spoken to Cust Svc who investigating where it is.


This dispenser is really nice. I used it to make whipped cream, and nitro cold brew coffee. It has a nice weight to it, and is extremely easy to use. Love it!


Received as gift from my husband of over 40 Yes, by now he knows my passion and very high standards regarding any and all of my culinary tools.. This one "Hit the Mark" and did not disappoint. Sleek design, easy to use, quality is excellent. I have already recommended this product. Thank you

Great for carbonated water

We are currently using it for carbonated water for cocktails. It works great and is very well made. Extra parts, solid construction, fair price earns it 5 stars for me.