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Asking to me to review a product I still haven’t received.

still have NOT received the items !

Fun kitchen toy

We just used it to make a Nitro brew. Making whipped cream tonight. My husband loves it.

Crap product and no replacements available on website.

The canister will no longer crack n02. I bought a few of these units but the customer service sucks and product breaks easily

never worked in the first place

The reason i got the new gaskets is because the syphon never worked in the first place, it leaked every time i tried to use it. no matter HOW tight i got the top on. when I screwed on the cartrigde, whoosh. all the charge shot out from under the cap. I changed gaskets, still didnt work. so i ordered replacement gaskets just in case BOTH the ones in the original box were bad. But eurkitchen failed to send them; after 14 days i got nothing but a worthess piece of metal.

Good torch

Good torch. Works great for me. I like the safety features on it and that I can see how much fuel is in it.

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Your customer service and followup is amazingly professional, via email and U.S. Mail delivery. The dispenser is sleek and beautiful and I wish you sold more kitchen related products. I would buy all from you.


Works as expected

Arrived quickly, works as expected.

Missing parts

Yesterday I received the parts that was not in the box and I was happy on how your company responded to my request and how you filled the missing parts

Perfect for Simply up-leveling at home baking, coffee and fruit for kids.

We love this option of fresh whipped cream to make simple things fancy at home. We love the whipped cream with fruit, pie, cookies and coffee


I was panicked when I broke this part. EurKitchen's replacement was affordable, quick and easy. Perfect.

Great product

Everything works as it should. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.

How Does it work

I just buy one , but when I want to use , it doesn’t work , the temperature only shows E0 and then turn off by itself

A Kitchen Luxury!

I had one of these whipped cream makers years ago. The O-ring wore out and I couldn’t get another. I was pleased to see you include an extra in the myriad of goodies that come with your machine. I love it!! Thank you

Cartridge difficult to puncture

So far, I have only used this once. I had a lot of difficulty getting the pin to puncture the cartridge and the directions say not to over tighten.

Great product

Very fast delivery !
Fantastic value .

Kids loved their gift!

I don’t have the strength to screw down the cartridge. NicelY made product.

Awesome Whipped Cream Dispencer

We love it! It looks beautiful and works perfectly! So happy to have home made whipped cream on hand and so easily!

Can't get it to seal

Very pleased. Arrived timely. Works perfectly!

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Haven’t used. Need the vial to go in it. Haven’t been able to purchase yet


Have not used it yet. Did not see the part where the cartridges were not with it.